Saturday Ramblings

After a long week of working and getting well from my face surgery I have spent the morning roaming around the abode.  I did a little writing, a little organizing, some TV watching, and of course EATING.  After a week of flying by the seat of my pants and eating things that were not thought out and do not make me feel good mentally or physically, I got up with the resolve to eat some feel good things today.

Every morning, I drink a small glass of orange juice.  It is one of the first things I do in the morning.  It has been my habit for years.  After an episode a few years ago of passing out in the shower, both stress and blood sugar related, it is a habit I have continued more faithfully, on the advice of my doctor.

I am a firm believer in avoiding drinking your calories.  I will admit that I cringe when I see those with Starbucks mochafrappawhipped cream somethings.  One of my resolutions is to not criticize, so I internally refrain from criticizing others’ choices.  Unless there is alcohol involved, I am not going to waste my intake of calories on the things I drink.  I drink my small glass of orange juice in the mornings and I drink creamer in my coffee…..the real stuff….not the chemical laden fat free sugar free gunk.  I am a diet soda addict, and I have fallen off the wagon as of late.  One of those resolutions I intend to work on.  I was proudly down to one or less a day for quite some time last year and I felt fabulous!  Why do we not continue the things that we know work?  I have no answers.  If I did, I would write a book about it.  Many have, I have ready many, and they don’t have the answers either.  We all make our own choices.

Lately I have been eating scrambled eggs with ketchup like they are a new discovery.  I scrambled up some eggs this morning, piled on the ketchup, and kicked off my day.  I then made what has become my very favorite salad for lunch. is one of my favorite healthy eating and living blogs.  Check it out!  You will find great EASY recipes.  This girl is so creative.  She is a cutie that is getting ready to get married and I enjoy reading her stuff.

A funny thing has happened to me after beginning this blog on New Years Day.  I am taking it quite personally that no one is reading my blog!  I find this to be quite hilarious as it is not something I really thought about when I got started.  I started a blog, because I wanted somewhere to put some daily thoughts, do some writing for something other than myself, and work on some creativity from myself that I have envied in other people.  Now I am finding that I look at the stats (something I told myself I wouldn’t bother with) and have a babyish attitude that 4 people have viewed and no one has followed.  I know there are many ways to entice people to read, all of which I refuse (at least in this early stage) to resort to.

I am one of those people that decides I am going to be a runner and expect to be running a marathon within a week, or pledges to cook more and takes on a 4 course gourmet dinner.  I exaggerate but I do have to rein myself in at times and just let things evolve on their own.

It’s a cold, rainy, dreary weekend and I intend to take full advantage of it by staying in where it is dry and warm!  I wonder what I will come up with for supper?


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